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4 X 100ml Pigment Ink for Epson Printers
Water-based Pigment Inkjet Inks for Piezo Jet Printers (UltraColor)
Size: 100ml

Price: $39.99



Compatible Cartridges: T124,T125,T126,T127,T068,T069,T088,T044,T060,T200,T676,T711,T032/T042


Top Quality. Big Save. Easy to Refill. NOT GENERIC INKS!

  • The package includes:
       (1) 100ml Dye Black ink

       (2) 100ml Dye Cyan ink

       (3) 100ml Dye Magenta ink

       (4) 100ml Dye Yellow ink.

  • Attention: Epson OEM/Genuine Ink Cartridge Cannot refill!
  • Water-resistant: This ink is waterproof ink.
  • Fade-resistant: This ink will not fade before 3 years posting outdoor and 200 years in album.

Refill Ink Specification:
Capacity Qty Color Type Shelf Life
100ml 1 Bottle Pigment 2 Years
100ml 1 Bottle Pigment 2 Years
100ml 1 Bottle Pigment 2 Years
100ml 1 Bottle Pigment 2 Years

Smell Sligthtly ammonia odor
PH ~8
Particles <0.5 micron (Average<100 nano)
Stability No settling in 2 years (at normal storage)
Temperature -12C no frozen and 50C no gelling
Light Fastness 7-8BWS
Water Fastness 5 (Excellent)
Gas Fastness 5 (Excellent)
Rubfastness 5 (Excellent)

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Shipping service will be provided by USPS, UPS, FEDEX or DHL. All orders will be shipped within 24 hours.
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Return Policy: 

You may return any purchase within 30 days for a full refund. Buyer pays for return shipping on non-defective items.

We encourage you to contact us before returning, because most issues can be fixed without returning the item.

Refill Instruction: 

See the Refill Instruction (pdf) for detail.

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